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Defend Your Father’s Kingdom


Who is this father of ours that is so great who even has a kingdom? He is Jesus Christ, our Saviour. He is our Father, our Heavenly Father. He is a King. Therefore, His children are called princesses and prince/knights. But who are His children? His children are us, who obey His commandments. Thus, we are the knights/princes and princesses. To glorify our Father, the King, we must do all that we can to please Him. To remain one of His princes and princesses, we must defend our title of being such by doing what is pleasing to Him, doing what is right and just, doing the corporal works of mercy, and anything that can glorify our Heavenly Father’s name. Otherwise, we will be dethroned and cast away to underworld, where our Father’s enemy is living, and become its slave. Our reign as the Crown Princesses and Princes means no to the slavery of darkness and wickedness, to let our villagers see our Heavenly Father shines through us, to show and share His goodness to everyone. Defending our throne as princesses and princes of our Heavenly Father, the King, is defending our Father’s kingdom. And His enemy is also our enemy.