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Analou Exposed

By Analou

Have you experienced learning from your experiences or being motivated by your circumstances and used it as an inspiration to write an article that leads you to decide on creating a blog? Writing is a hobby that might influence others through the inputs in your writing.

Welcome to Analou Exposed!

About Analou

Hi, I am Analou, a newbie in blogging. But my experiences have paved the way to inspire me into writing. I have been composing articles several years back then, but yet just kept it as a secret achievement. I am introverted, so writing is also one of my favorite hobbies. I am talkative when I am with close friends, but I talk less when I meet new people because I have to observe first.
As an introvert, sometimes, it is difficult for me to say what I think or give an opinion. Have you ever been in a situation where you had been asked why is your father like that and yet the moment you talked and about to defend your father’s side, the person who asked had already an answer in their mind and the worst-case scenario is you just had to close your mouth because the person started stating his/her facts. A situation like this motivates me to write to express myself and have it as an outlet of emotion.

Finally, I made this blog, as an introvert whose mind is full of tangled and untangled thoughts yet speak a little, to let my voice be heard, to give my opinion and point of view and perspective in life. In addition to that, my blog aims to expose my experiences, which I chose to be private and to my soon-to-be experiences in the future as well.

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